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CHEMICAL: Manufacturer of washing powder, wholesaler, cleaning measures

Manufacturer washing powder wholesaler cleaning measuresChemical Company is a manufacturer of washing powder with a new improved quality fresht fragrance. With finely etched recipe, detergent has high cleaning abilities even at 30oC.

The powdereasily removes stains of protein, starch and fat origin: cocoa, wine, tea, milk, blood, grass, sauces. Fragrance composition used for the production of powder ensures nice, fresh and lasting scent.

The powder is suitable for fabric laundering in all types of washing machines and for hand washing at a temperature from 30o to 90oC.

Manufacturer washing powder wholesaler cleaning measuresAbout us.

Company Chemical was founded in 2004, as a manufacturer of washing powder and household chemicals, automotive, industrial and cosmetic products. All products manufactured by us are characterized by a very good, high quality, have the appropriate testing and approvals. We provide all orders for the production of washing powders, chemicals and cosmetic products.

If you are interested in wholesale buying, please contact us. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer. If you have any questions or concerns, we are at your disposal.

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